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Action Plan

Proposed Action Plan for the period 2012-13 to 2016-17

Since ancient times the pomegranate is cultivated in the region of Iran to Northern India which is considered as its origin. The global pomegranate production is 15 million MT and India accounts for about 50% of global production followed by Iran and USA.

The major technology gaps of pomegranate in India are:
  • Low productivity
  • Non-availability of location specific germplasm
  • Severe problem of bacterial blight and wilt
  • Unavailability of scientific information on water or nutrient management practices
  • Lack of appropriate post harvest management protocol for marketing of pomegranate for domestic as well as for export trade
  • Non availability of suitable varieties for processing
  • Technology gap in utilization of unmarketable pomegranate fruits& pruned woods.

A. Increase the production and productivity
  • International repository of genetic resources
  • Identifying resistant genes for various biotic and abiotic stress
  • Identifying varieties suitable for processing
  • Area expansion in non-traditional areas viz. H.P, Punjab, Rajasthan
  • Adopting strategies for extended period of availability
  • Creation of mass multiplication facilities for production of disease free planting materials
  • Location specific recommendation of irrigation and fertigation schedule for pomegranate
  • Development of package of practices for increasing production and productivity.

B. Entrepreneurship development on production and post harvest technology of pomegranate for domestic and export trade
  • Focussed research on location specific cultivars of pomegranate
  • Increasing input use efficiency- Water, Nutrient, Pesticides etc.
  • Package of practices for PHM and Value addition:
    1. Integration of crop production with focus on post harvest quality-e.g. Pre-harvest fruit bagging, Irrigation & fertigation schedule, use of bio-control agents etc.
    2. Optimization of pack-house operations viz. harvesting, sorting, grading, pre-treatments, packaging, storage, transportation and marketing.
    3. Pilot scale processing of pomegranate- 100% utilization for production of edible products and high value co-products for industrial and pharmaceutical use.
  • Transfer of technology through Participatory Knowledge Management

Vision on ICAR-NRCP:
  • Centre of excellence on/for pomegranate research- National & International.
  • Excellent facility for Capacity building through participatory knowledge management using multi media.
  • Pilot plant and R&D facilities on post harvest management and processing of pomegranate along with bi-product utilization. Future: Indian Pomegranate Processing Board
  • Active linkage with SAU’s and related ICAR institutions for creating academic and research environment (Ph.D. Programme)
  • Generate research publications with high impact factor.
  • Strong HRD programme
  • An environment in which every staff should be Responsible, Accountable and work with Honesty and Integrity for a Measurable output.