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Research Farm

The research farm is situated in 2 different locations viz., Kegaon & Hiraj which is about 1.5 km away from each other. The research farm is accessible with the well connecting roads laid across the length and breadth of the farm. Besides, the research farm features the following facilities:

  • Drip irrigation system,
  • Water harvesting ponds/ structures & Underground sump,
  • Open wells & borewells,
  • Tractors & accessories,
  • Sprayers,
  • Various farm implements,
  • Solar lighting system,
  • Barbed wire fencing, etc..

  • Farm Pond Hiraj
  • Fruiting Orchard
  • ICAR-NRCP Hiraj Field
  • ICAR-NRCP Kegaon field cum office bulding