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Special Equipments

  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • Bioreactor for fermentation
  • Hunter Colour Difference Meter
  • Kaltis -80 Deep freezer
  • Microscope with Digital Camera
  • Microwave reation system
  • Modified Atomospheric Packaging Machine

The laboratories were equipped with various instruments which are essential for running the laboratory viz,

  • Spectrophotometer UV-Vis,
  • Microscope with digital camera,
  • BOD Incubators,
  • Deep Freezer,
  • Photosynthesis unit & Leaf area meter,
  • Fermentor,
  • Laminar air flow chamber,
  • Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer,
  • Muffle Furnace,
  • Water Purification System,
  • Horizontal Shaker,
  • Microwave Digestion System,
  • Precision Water Bath,
  • Digital Refractometer